Business Continuity

Your organization relies on a wide range of resources and technologies to support critical day-to-day activities. But what is critical, why, what are the risks, and what are reasonable alternatives? We use innovative, custom-standard analysis and planning techniques and tools. This ensures consistency, completeness, and action-oriented functionality as you answer these questions. The result -- resilliency and recoverability built into your critical business activities.

  • Reduce the risk of an interruption to business.
  • Mitigate residual risk through cost-reasonable, well designed, and skillfully implemented workarounds and strategies.
  • Integrate with organizational change management and emergency response processes.

Across a spectrum from nuclear power to supply chain management, and from private industry to government organizations, in house-hold names acrosss the country, Celsus has fine-tuned a proven process for efficient delivery of BCP solutions and tested recovery capability. Our team approach to BCP provides the right resources to the project the appropriate times to ensure quality deliverables, cost management, and timely execution.

Each organization, has a culture and risk posture that must define and shape a workable BCP framework. Following a concise, standards-based proven delivery process means that our deliverables are timely, straightforward, and exactly tailored to your organization's culture and risk posture. We deliver:

  • Clear analysis of risk,
  • Actionable strategies,
  • Business continuity plans,
  • Resource recovery and restoration plans,
  • Communication processes, and
  • Training and exercises.

Keys To Success

Celsus has your solution for Business Continuity

  • Over 40 years of experience.
  • Innovative team of professionals, utilizing modern technology to deliver timely cost effective solutions.
  • Strategic implementation and execution of services.
  • Innovation, imagination, and skill set us apart from the crowd. Dozens may show you "how". We will show you "why".

Be prepared! Let Celsus help you be ready to weather the storm.