Information Security

More Information on Information Security

  • IT Security Audit

    Information technology is a significant investment, and is critical to many aspects of your day-to-day business. Don't guess at the potential risks. Defend the correct areas with the most effective tools at a cost-point where risk mitigation balances the cost of control. Celsus has decades of experience in IT security auditing, risk management and control assessment. Let us help you be aware of the risks in clear, business language. Then you can prioritize those risks in line with your operational risk management porfolio and ensure that your most valuable assets are protected wisely.

  • Security Management and Control

    A bewildering array of technologies, configuration, and techno-speak greets you when you enter the world of IT security management and control. Based on a clear understanding of risks, we will guide you as far as you need to go into that world. Through policies, standard procedures, technologies, implementation, operation, and monitoring, our staged approach lets you control the costs and the risk levels, and fit the security process into the fabric and culture of your organization.

  • Web Vulnerability Scanning

    A very quick search will show you how common and how devastating it is to have your web site defaced, taken over, or penetrated to compromise sensitive data. Security is in the details. You need to get every detail correct, and the attacker (usually automated) needs to find only one error. That's why at Celsus we use cutting edge automated tools to scan your websites for vulnerabilities. A detailed report exposes the holes and identifies the risks.