Your web site is your digital window on the world.

What do you see? Who sees you?

Your digital presence should be a pane, not a pain!


Celsus Mgmt

A unique and compelling blend of technical excellence, artistic design, human engagement, and old-fashioned principles to bring you:

  • Presence: Web sites creatively crafted, dynamically delivered, solid and secure. Revolutionize your on-line world. Full service or a-la-carte. From concept or conversion to completion, we are fast, secure, personable, and service-minded.

  • Process: E-commerce, e-tasks, e-expertise. E-'just about anything you can imagine'. Bring your business processes to on-line life, and reap huge benefits.

  • Protection: Controls, services, and expertise to make sure your e-life stays on-line. Protect your livelihood and your information, and make sure your business can recover and continue when disaster strikes.

Your professional choice for web presence, process innovation, and risk management in our ever-growing on-line world.

Why use a professional designer with private cloud hosting?

Studies show that the mind will begin to form an opinion of your site in less than 1/20th of a second*. Scary – we sometimes have trouble remembering what day it is. Let us help you make those 50 milliseconds memorable!
* Google research published in the International Journal of Human Computer Studies vol. 70(11) (2012), pp. 794-811.

Web Presence

Is your window on the world smudged? Put our web cleaning crew to work!

  • Web design, implementation, and support
  • Graphic design, logos, user experience
  • Wordsmithing, original artwork
  • Existing site cleanup and modernization
  • Search engine analysis and optimization
  • Full Shopify site support
  • Site conversion, re-platforming
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    Process Innovation

    Pocesses and tasks slow and awkward? Our on-line task tamers save you time and money!

  • On-line automation
  • On-line databases
  • Mobile and desktop applications
  • Geographic information systems
  • MS Office Suite automation
  • Analysis and optimization
  • Metrics and improvements
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    Risk Management

    Or maybe your window has a few cracks! Set our repair crew out to track them down!

  • Complimentary web site security scans
  • Risk assessment and impact analysis
  • Full cyber security programs and tools
  • Disaster recovery plans and services
  • Business continuity plans and services
  • On-line ERP integration
  • Secure web and task automation hosting
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    Our Team

    Our team has over 30 years of experience in software engineering, process innovation, user experience design, graphic arts, and security. We have the skills and the tools to do it right! And the pragmatism to fit within your budget.


    The lead for your project, Chuck has over 30 years of experience as a Professional Engineer, Certified Information Security Manager, and Project Manager. He excels at simplifying complex business and technology challenges into real-world solutions.


    With degrees in psychology and computer systems, Ian leads our development team. Ian's technical wizardry makes the computer sit on the couch and tell its life story. His talents bring a unique and compelling user experience to your staff and clients.


    Evdokia is a rose between two geeks. An artist by training and passion, she brings the creative flair to your digital presence with elegant graphic arts and innovative custom designs. Visual appeal and graphic content gives freshness and vitality to your site.


    To keep us all in line and focused on you, our customer, we have Mandy. An artist, communicator, and business woman, Mandy listens to your needs and helps you find the right set of Celsus services to address the real objectives and concerns of your business.

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