Web Applications

Application development is an expanding field. Take your business to the next level and have Celsus Management build amazing applications for you.

  • Mobile Apps

    Do you have an awesome idea for a mobile app? Our team can build you mobile apps for the iPhone and Android. Get your app in the iTunes and Android store now!

  • Our Mission

    To automate your processes and bring your ideas to fruition.

  • Database Design

    At Celsus we are experts at integrating databases with webpage front ends. More and more people are moving elements of their business processes on-line. This is done through databases. Keep your data safe and have it stored on a secure server that your staff can access.

  • Webpage Design

    Want to advertise your business or hobby on the internet? You need an attractive webpage that will draw in customers. At Celses we have hundreds of beautiful webpage templates and can get you on the web fast.

  • Office Suite Macros

    Do you or your staff spend a lot of time in Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word? Many of these tasks can be automated using office macros. Take a 2 hour job and turn it into a 30 second job. You will save money and you will reduce the risk of human error.

  • Web Security

    It is not a mystery that having a web page can be risky. Your site is at risk of being attacked. Sensitive information can be stolen, your site can be defaced. Both of these things can result in a loss of reputation and a loss of revenue. Celsus Management's security professionals can scan your webpage and find the vulnerabilites present. We provide a detailed report of attack vectors and can help you protect your site from potential attack.